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  • Auto Change Purline Machine
  • Auto Change Purline Machine Auto change purline machine mainly consists of hydraulic decoiler, leveling system, punching equipment, cutting equipment, material supporter, roll former, hydraulic system and automatic control system.
  • Curving Punching Forming Machine
  • Curving Punching Forming Machine Punching curve machine is made up of the main forming machine, conveyor, material supporter, electric control system and hydraulic system. Our punching curve machine is kind of auxiliary equipment, which is designed for material curving and punching.
  • Downspout Forming Machine
  • Downspout Forming Machine Our HS downspout roll forming machine is designed to produce close type downspout after cold forming and auto whipstitching processes. Under mechanical control, the equipment is highly automatic and the bending angle can be manually adjusted. Our company produces high quality downspout forming equipment of different types and models to suit customers' requirement.
  • EPS Sandwich Panel Machine
  • EPS Sandwich Panel Machine This sandwich panel making machine is increasingly used in the construction of steel structure enclosures, cold storages and mobile buildings. We manufacture this sandwich panel machine in various specs and configurations to meet your specific requirements.
  • Film Cutting Machine
  • Film Cutting Machine Film cutting machine comprises of the uncoiling unit, filming system, cutting equipment, material supporter, shearing device, electric control system and hydraulic system.
  • Guardrail Forming Machine
  • Guardrail Forming Machine Our automatic guardrail roll forming machine integrates cold bending, cold stamping, auto stacking, and auto control technologies. The hot rolled steel strip is leveled and punched by the machine, and then roll formed and cut into highway guardrail.
  • High Speed Roll Forming Machine
  • High Speed Roll Forming Machine The HVM high speed roll forming machine has been awarded 2 patents of invention and 2 patens of utility model. We can design it as per customers' requirements in terms of panel shape, specifications and configuration.
  • High Speed Steel Tile Forming Machine
  • High Speed Steel Tile Forming Machine Our HLM high speed steel tile roll forming machine is designed based on the HL series forming machine. This high speed steel tile forming equipment integrates mechanical, electrical and hydraulic technologies into one unit.
  • PU Sandwich Panel Machine
  • PU Sandwich Panel Machine Our PU sandwich panel machine is the forming equipment that integrates advanced mechanical, chemical, electrical, hydraulic, and pneumatic technologies. Sandwich panel production line has earned five patents of utility model.
  • Purlin Roll Forming Machine
  • Purlin Roll Forming Machine Our purlin roll forming machine is produced by using advanced cold bending, cold stamping, and automatic control technologies. The type of purlins you desire can be formed using this machine through the process of leveling, cold forming, punching and cutting off
  • Roll Forming Machine
  • Roll Forming Machine This roll forming equipment has received three patents of utility model and is widely used in steel construction enclosure. We can provide various profile shapes and configurations to satisfy your specific requirements.
  • Seamer
  • Seamer Our seamer machine is the auxiliary equipment that is specially designed for overlapping and seaming panels. Our steel plate seamer is easy to operate and has a long service life and good seaming effect.
  • Slitting Machine
  • Slitting Machine Jinggong was founded in 1968 and is an experienced slitter machine manufacturer and supplier. In addition to HF slitting machine, we also offer other auxiliary equipment for the forming machine, like uncoiled, stacker, etc.
  • Stacker Machine
  • Stacker Machine Our steel sheet stacker machine is the auxiliary equipment for the steel deck forming machine, glazed tile forming machine, and steel tile forming machine. Stacker equipment has a reasonable structure and easy operation for the reduction of labor intensity.
  • Steel Deck Forming Machine
  • Steel Deck Forming Machine Our steel deck forming equipment combines mechanical, electrical and hydraulic equipment into an organic whole. The steel deck it produces is widely used in high steel structure buildings, as opposed to constructing the framework.
  • Uncoiler Machine
  • Uncoiler Machine Our uncoiler machine is suitable for the uncoiling and conveying of thin metal sheets. JK series uncoiler primarily consists of the main machine, arm hold down device, tension device, ultrasonic control device, electric control system and independent hydraulic system.

Construction Materials Machinery

Jinggong Science & Technology is a China construction materials machinery manufacturer. Our primary products include PU sandwich panel machine, high speed roll forming machine, steel deck forming machine, auto change purline machine, purlin forming machine, downspout forming machine, guardrail forming machine, as well as some auxiliary equipment such as slitter, uncoiler and stacker etc.

The following is a sample of some of our products:
Our PU sandwich panel machine mainly consists of uncoiler, film covering system, roll forming machine, preheating oven, electric control system, hydraulic system, and pneumatic system etc. It is highly efficient and easy to operate. Therefore, it is widely used in the construction of steel structure enclosures, cold storages and mobile buildings.

Our steel deck forming machine is extensively used in high steel structure buildings, which reduces floor load and eliminates the need for building formwork.

Our high speed steel tile forming machine is mainly composed of decoiler, sheet guiding equipment, laminating system, roll forming system, cutting equipment, and automatic stacker etc. This forming equipment integrates advanced mechanical, electrical and hydraulic technologies, and has the following advantages: high speed capacity, increased efficiency and high level of automation.

Jinggong Science & Technology has over 40 years of experience in the manufacture of construction material machinery. Our vast experience in the industry allows us to provide high quality products at low prices. Our forming machines have obtained the ISO9000 and CE certificates and are exported to over 60 countries including America, Australia, Bulgaria, Argentina, Egypt, Syria, and India. Thank you for browsing our website! We are looking forward to working with you!

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