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JXP1200 DW Polysilicon Ingot Squaring Machine JXP1200 DW Polysilicon Ingot Squaring Machine

JXP1200 DW Polysilicon Ingot Squaring Machine

Main Parameter
Voltage: 415V AC
Frequency: 50Hz
Phase: 3 phase
General power: 80kW
Equipment full-load current: 160A
Electric protection grade: IP54
Standard ingot size: 1190 × 1190 × 500mm
Guiding wheel quantity: 4 groups
Max. diameter of guiding wheel: ⌀300mm
Height gap between up and down wire layer: 50mm
Max. wire speed: 13m/s
Acceleration: 3m/s2
Wire tension: 10-150N
Wire releasing wheel: TA100
Wire releasing driving motor: 2 × 17.5kW
Shearing head feeding travel: 650mm
Shearing head feeding speed: ≥1.8mm/min
Feeding motor power: 0.82kW
Equipment size (L× W × H): 5350 × 2600 × 3150mm
Equipment weight: about 16T

Final Acceptance Criteria

Wire returning rate ≥98.7% (≤1.6km per ingot)
Feeding speed 1.8mm/min
Flatness ≤0.6mm
Perpendicularity 90°±0.2°
Wire breaking rate ≤3%
Squaring yield ≥99.5%

1. Frame.
It is the support part of the polysilicon ingot squaring machine, consisting of base part and upper parts. The base part is assembled to support the whole machine. The upper part is made of stainless steel to avoid corrosion from mortar.

JXP1200 DW Polysilicon Ingot Squaring Machine JXP1200 DW Polysilicon Ingot Squaring Machine

2. Squaring room
The squaring room of this polysilicon ingot squaring equipment mainly consists of vertical frame, small guiding wheel, squaring head, mortar pool, ingot support, etc. As the mortar is corrosive, most parts in the squaring room are made of stainless steel. Moreover, the movement mechanism is plated with sealing glue for corrosion resistance. The stainless steel door must be closed while working. The squaring head is the key part of the machine, made of stainless steel.

JXP1200 DW Polysilicon Ingot Squaring Machine JXP1200 DW Polysilicon Ingot Squaring Machine

3. Weight balance system.
The weight balance system of the polysilicon ingot squaring machine is used to balance the cutting head weight and protect the guiding rail. Moreover, it can help to reduce deformation of cutting head and increase the cutting accuracy of ingot.

4. Control system.
The control system of the polysilicon ingot squaring equipment adopts Siemens SIMOTION motion controller and advanced Siemens servo motor. Other low-voltage elements adopt ABB brand to ensure the performance and accuracy of this polysilicon ingot squaring machine. Siemens touch screen or Advantech touch screen is equipped for ease of operation.

Below is the HMI interface during auto running:

JXP1200 DW Polysilicon Ingot Squaring Machine JXP1200 DW Polysilicon Ingot Squaring Machine

Main Part Supplier

No. Item Model Supplier
1 Lifting guiderail M-V8050 INA
2 Combination bearing ZARF3080TVA INA
3 Roller bearing NU208E SKF
4 Angle contact bearing 7208B SKF
5 Servo motor 1FK7064-5WF70-1DA0 Siemens
6 Ball screw assembly JXP1000-02, 02-306 HIWIN
7 Roller bearing NU313E SKF
8 Pneumatic ratio valve ITV2050-312S-X26 SKF
9 Low friction cylinder MQMLC20_100D SMC
10 Other pneumatic element   SMC
11 Mass flow meter R200S128NWEAMZZZ Emerson
12 Main controller   Siemens
13 Servo system   Siemens
14 Low voltage elements   ABB
15 Water flow sensor   IFM
16 Water cooling AC   ALLURN

nstallation and Production Requirements on Site
Before installation, the Buyer shall prepare the following items:
Factory building and foundation: width: ≥16m, height: ≥6m, foundation made of C25 concrete, with thickness of 200mm and flat ground.

Power requirement (depend on Buyer’s condition):
Capacity: 80kW
Voltage: 3P/415±10%V AC, 50Hz.
Environment humidity: <85% (non-condensing), 5 ~ 30°C

Cooling water:
Water quality: in compliance with GB11446.1-1997EW-IV standard
Flux: 6m3/h
Water pressure: 0.35-0.45Mpa
Pressure difference: 0.2Mpa
Temperature: 20-22°C

Compressed air: dry and clean compressed air in compliance with DIN ISO8573-1,3.
Air pressure: 0.4-0.6Mpa. Air consumption: 60m3/h.
Lifting equipment: capacity more than 16T.

Spare Part List

Item Quantity Remark
Roll sleeve 3 sets JXQ600.04.07-306
Small pulley device 2 sets JXP1000A.04.10-001
Big PU pulley 30 sets JXP1000A.04.09-301
Small PU pulley 150 sets JXP1000A.04.10-301
Wire guiding wheel 1 set JXP1200.03.05-001
Ball bearing 4 sets 6202-2RZ
Ribbed belt 1 set 920-8M40
Ribbed belt 1 set 960-8M40
Cutting piece 1 set  
Ingot support base 1 set  
Air tube joint 2pcs  
Air tube 5m  
Tray 1 pc  
Maintenance tooling 1 set  
Diamond wire 1 coil  

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