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  • Racking Roll Forming MachineRacking roll forming machine adopts servo controlled material feeding technology for complex punching to guarantee precision. This storage rack roll forming machinery
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  • Sandwich Panel Roll Forming Machine
  • Sandwich Panel Roll Forming MachinePU sandwich panel is the most popular material in steel structure building, such as office building, warehouse, etc. JF100 PU sandwich panel roll forming equipment

Cold Roll Forming Machine

Cold roll forming is a continuous and highly efficient forming process that flat coil stock is made into a series of corrugated rolls. Cold roll forming machine has been extensively applied in our daily life. There are many cold roll formed products used in houses, offices, warehouses, workshops and cars.

A series of cold roll forming equipment developed by Rontech are used in solar industry, shelving products, door and window framing products, building materials for steel construction, automobile reinforcement products, maintenance system, etc. We can customize cold roll forming machines according to customers’ requirements. Mastering advanced technology and practice experience, our company is able to provide roll forming equipment with high efficiency.

Competitive Advantages

  1. 1. With decades of experience, Rontech working team has been specialized in designing cold roll forming machines for irregular profile forming, thick plate roll forming, thin sheet high-speed roll forming, complex punching and high precision punching.
  2. 2. Continuous technological innovation makes our roll forming equipment become more intelligentized and higher efficient.
  3. 3. Our professional engineer team can provide installation and training service of cold roll forming machine for customers.

Payment of Cold Roll Forming Equipment
Customers pay 30% of total value by T/T as the down payment. The remaining 70% of the total value will be paid after inspection and acceptance by the seller’s workshop, but it must be paid before shipment.

Rontech Imp & Exp Co., Ltd is a subsidiary company of Zhejiang Jinggong Science & Technology Co., Ltd. Our company is a professional manufacturer of cold roll forming machines in China. Based on the support from our holding company, we are specialized in providing high frequency welded pipe mill, sandwich panel line, steel coil slitting line, cut to length line, metal working, shot blasting machine, metal coil sheet, etc. Rontech supplies reliable and durable roll forming equipment or roll formers to our customers. We also have a professional service team, who can serve customers all over the world.

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