Cold Roll Forming Machine Cold roll forming is a continuous and highly efficient forming process that flat coil stock is made into a series of corrugated rolls. Cold roll forming line has been extensively applied in our daily life. There are many cold roll formed products used in houses, offices, warehouses, workshops and cars. Racking Roll Forming MachineRacking roll forming equipment adopts servo controlled material feeding technology for complex punching to guarantee precision. This storage rack roll forming machinery also adopts track cutting technology to ensure the machine capacity and gear box transmission and ensure the machine’s rigidity and working strength. Racking roll forming line is also known as shelf roll forming production line, shelving rack roll forming line, shelving roll forming equipment or shelves rack roll forming machine. Cable Tray Roll Forming MachineCable tray roll forming line (also called cable ladder roll forming machine) is capable of making different sizes of cable trays through replacing punching moulds. The cable trays produced by this roll forming production line are extensively used in factories and other buildings because of their accurate robustness C/U Channel Roll Forming MachineRontech possesses more than 15 years’ production experience of roll forming equipment. C/U channel roll forming line is well-known for its strong and durable design Door Frame Roll Forming MachineDoor frame roll forming equipment is designed to roll the cold rolled galvanized sheets with the thickness from 0.4 mm to 1.5 mm. This cold roll forming line consists of hydraulic uncoiler, leveler, servo feeder, punching device, roll forming unit, fly shearing, run-out table, hydraulic station and electric control cabinet Guard Rail Roll Forming MachineRontech guardrail roll forming production line is specialized in manufacturing guardrail panels. It is widely used in highway and related fields. This guardrail forming machine consists of uncoiler or decoiler, leveling device, servo feeding device, hydraulic punching, storing device, guiding device, roll forming unit, non-stop shearing, run-out table, hydraulic system and electronic control system Roller Shutter Door Forming MachineRoller shutter door forming machine can make roller shutter doors with high security. It is also used for rolling fire doors, rolling steel doors, fire doors, rolling shutters, offshore rolling doors, offshore rolling fire doors, storm doors, rolling steel hurricane doors, smoke doors, air-leakage doors, counter shutters, insulated doors, rolling sound doors, rolling fire shutters, insulated fire doors, etc Roofing Sheet Roll Forming MachineRontech roofing sheet roll forming equipment is designed and manufactured with a higher level in domestic supplier competition, especially in manufacturing, assembling and material using. Our company has advanced production equipment and a professional team that has over 15 years’ experience of designing, developing and manufacturing machineries Wall Panel Roll Forming MachineRontech wall panel roll forming production line can produce strong wall panels with beautiful appearance. They are extensively used in wall construction or outdoor decoration. This wall panel forming machine or wall sheet roll forming equipment adopts advanced and innovative technology that can provide convenient roller change. This roll forming equipment is also equipped with PLC control and touch screen Sandwich Panel Roll Forming MachinePU sandwich panel is the most popular material in steel structure building, such as office building, warehouse, etc. JF100 PU sandwich panel roll forming line integrates mechanical, chemical, electric, hydraulic, pneumatic and temperature control technologies. This sandwich panel production line was developed in 2004 and won a number of technology patents in 2005. Rontech is ranked as a famous brand by China building material industry High frequency welded tube mill is the main equipment for welded tube products that adopt cold roll forming and high frequency welding technology. The welded pipe mill uses raw material like hot rolled or cold rolled steel strip and is able to mold the sheet material into a round pipe shape. It also welds the joint place with high frequency welder. Slitting Line/Cut To Length LineSlitting line and cut to length line are mainly used for pre-process of coil steel sheets. They are widely applied in industries like transformer, household electrical appliance, automobile, building material, packing, etc. Slitting machine is suitable for slitting kinds of wide steel strips into certain width, such as carbon steel coil, low alloy steel coil and stainless steel coil, etc. Slitting LineSlitting line is also named slitting machine or slitter. It is mainly used to slit tinplate coil, galvanized coil sheet, siliconized steel sheet, cold rolled coil sheet, stainless coil sheet, aluminum coil sheet as the requested specifications and recoil them. This line is the pre-process of steel sheet for industry like transformer, household electrical appliance, automobile, building material, packing, etc Cut To Length LineCut to length line is also called transversal shearing line, cut-to-length machine or cut-to-length production line. It is mainly used to cut tinplate coil, galvanized coil sheet, siliconized steel sheet, cold rolled coil sheet, stainless coil sheet, aluminum coil sheet as per the requested product length and stack them for packing. Simple Slitting LineRontech simple slitting line is specially developed for low capacity but economical investment. It is evolved from ordinary slitting equipment keeping their functions but simplifying the structure to lower the cost. This line is also known as simple slitting machine or simple slitting production line. Simple Cut to Length Line The simple cut to length line is specially designed for low capacity but economical investment. It is developed from ordinary transversal cutting machines, but retains their functions and simplifies the structure to lower cost. This line is also known as simple cut-to-length production line. It is typically used for small slitting demand. Customers often use this simple cut to length line to slit coil for own use rather than for external processing service. Rontech can supply metalworking machinery that is extensively used in various applications in different industries. This machinery is manufactured using mild steels from reliable vendors of the market in accordance with international quality standards. Owing to robust construction, Shot Blasting MachineShot blasting machine adopts rotor blasting device to shoot the steel ball and blasts on the surface of steel workpieces so as to clear the dust, rust, burr or other objects on the workpiece surface. After shot blasting, the workpiece surface becomes clearer but more adhesive for painting. The interior physical character becomes more stable. Shot blasting equipment helps to prolong the life of workpieces. Rontech possesses engineers who own over 15 years of experience for shot blasting machines. This blasting machine is the first choice in domestic market. HPG H-beam Shot Blasting Machine HPG H-beam shot blasting machine, also known as H-beam shot blast cleaning machine, is a kind of shot blasting and cleaning equipment. It can be divided into light H-beam model and heavy H-beam model. Light H-beam shot blasting equipment is equipped with high efficiency rotor blast device which can blast dense and high speed steel balls to shoot the workpieces at all directions JPG Steel Plate Shot Blasting Machine JPG series steel plate shot blasting machine is used for steel plate pre-treatment and steel structural parts processing. It is characterized by high working efficiency, good treating quality, good adaptability and low cost. This shot blasting equipment is designed with a top-mounted cartridge dust collector and pellet sand separator device, which enables the machine perform more stably and reliably. JPG Steel Pre-Treating Shot Blasting MachineJPG steel pre-treating shot blasting machine is also called steel sheet shot-blasting pre-treatment line. After surface shot blasting, the machine will paint a protective primer painting for the steel plate. This steel plate pretreatment line consists of lateral hydraulic pressure feeder and blanker, feeding and blanking roller bed, shot blast system, dust removing system and electrical control system Metal Coil Sheet/Metal Corrugated Panel Product Rontech started steel structure construction business in 1999. Now our company is a leading company in this industry and gets a lot of customers both home and abroad. Based on 15 years’ experience, we are cooperating with many steel manufacturers and steel building material manufacturers to export pre-painted and galvanized steel coil sheets, various metal corrugated panels (like roofing panel and wall panel), EPS/PU sandwich panel, C/Z purline, etc. Roofing Panel SheetThe roofing panel uses pre-painted color steel sheet or galvanized steel sheet with a corrugated profile. It is characterized by water resistance, light weight, easy installation, popular design, nice color, economical price, etc. We also supply stone-coated tile roofing sheet Wall Panel Sheet Rontech wall panel sheet uses pre-painted color steel sheet or galvanized steel sheet with a corrugated profile. It is featured with water resistance, light weight, easy installation, popular design, nice color, economical price, etc. This corrugated panel is used to protect the exterior surface of a building against exposure, prevent heat loss and visually unify the face of the building. Steel Decking Panel SheetRontech steel decking panel uses galvanized or galvanometer steel sheet with a corrugated profile. It features water resistance, light weight, easy installation, popular design, nice color, economical price, etc. Our company is a professional manufacturer of metal coil sheets and metal corrugated panel products in China. In addition to this floor deck panel, C/Z PurlineC/Z purlin uses galvanized steel or hot-rolled steel sheet coil as the raw material. We adopt standard specifications as per profile drawing. Rontech Imp & Exp Co., Ltd is a subsidiary company of Zhejiang Jinggong Science & Technology Co., Ltd. Jinggong is a drafter for the standard of steel structure material machinery and textile machinery EPS/PU Sandwich PanelAccording to different core materials, this product can be divided into polyurethane (PU), polystyrene (EPS) and rock wool or glass wool sandwich panels. Rontech mainly supplies EPS and PU type composite sandwich board mobile houses. The dimension and design of mobile houses can be customized or made according to our design. These two panels should be manufactured in accordance with the standard of roofing and wall panels in China. JGT1000 series V machineThis machine mainly use is the POY yarn ( polyester silk) is through stretching and false twisting deformation, processed into low elastic or high elastic deformation of the false twisting silk ( DTY stretch yarn), the equipment can be option to add the network components... HIGH SPEED SPANDEX COVERING MACHINEJHKV141A(III) This machine is mainly applied in producing low Denier spandex with nylon covering yarn ( such as 2012/2030), it has advantages of high speed spindles and superior energy saving performance JGR231 type rotor spinning machine GR231 rotor spinning machine is a new type of spinning equipment with the leading position and fast rotating speed in the same kind of machine in our country at present, design the fastest speed, its products new spinning equipment structure design is quite reasonable, installation tray type spinning box, use high quality parts, its fitness at home and abroad, the main raw material spun wide for : pure cotton, pure cleanse, polyester-cotton HKV151 type fancy twisterHKV151 type is applicable to produce overfeed-type and control-type fancy yarn with cotton, wool, finished product is mainly used for weaving. Controlled by PLC, the machine features simple operation and convenient changing of fancies. The center thread and molding are formed through controlling rollers, fast knoting equipment HKV101B type winderThis machine is the matching preparing equipment for twisting machine ,it is applicable to wind such raw material as chemical fiber, blended yarn, cotton yarn and so on. Controlled by computer JMDKG-09B Parallel CabinetOur parallel cabinet complies with GB 18663.1, GB 4208, IEC 60529 and IEC61578-1. The frame is welded by high-quality profiles with outstanding tensile and torsional properties. Galvanized mounting plate can slide through the slider to predetermined location for ease of installation. Reserved alignment hole helps to facilitate alignment of top, bottom and side plates. JMDKG-09D Free Standing Electrical EnclosureOur free standing electrical enclosure complies with GB 18663.1, GB 4208, IEC 60529 and IEC61578-1. The frame of this free standing control cabinet is welded by high-quality profiles with outstanding tensile and torsional properties. Galvanized mounting plate of the free standing electrical enclosure can slide through the slider to predetermined location for ease of installation. Reserved alignment hole helps to facilitate alignment of top, bottom and side plates. JMFG-09B Top-Level Server CabinetJMFG-09B server cabinet complies with ANSI/EIA RS-310-D, IEC297-2, DIN41491; PART1, DIN41494; PART7, GB/T3045.2-92, and ETSI standards. Static load up to 1000kg. Environmentally-friendly and fully automated surface treatment process to ensure the safety of operator. Zinc alloy cassette hinge facilitates assembly and disassembly of front and rear doors. Cold Channel Closed SystemModular design, each module is easy to install and maintain. Diversified options are available according to the actual needs of customers. Tempered glass door provides high transparency. Top skylight ensures adequate lighting inside the channel. JXQ800 Diamond Wire Slicing SystemJXQ800 diamond wire slicing machine is mainly used in energy industry for slicing of mono-crystal silicon rods and poly-crystalline silicon rods. This diamond wire slicing system can realize the rapid cutting of silicon, reduced loss of cutting chips, silicon recycling, silicon surface consistency, and so on. The JXQ800 diamond wire slicing machine developed by us enjoys stable cutting rate and high processing performance. JJL1200A Polysilicon Ingot FurnaceJL1200A polysilicon ingot furnace is specially designed for solar energy industry. It’s mainly used in manufacturing high-volume, high-quality silicon ingot. It is a high efficiency and energy-saving equipment that adopts the world’s prevailing heat-resistant mode in combination of advanced PC control system. JXP1200 DW Polysilicon Ingot Squaring MachineIt is the support part of the polysilicon ingot squaring machine, consisting of base part and upper parts. The base part is assembled to support the whole machine. The upper part is made of stainless steel to avoid corrosion from mortar. Laser Welding SystemIndustrial laser welding usually adopts deep penetration fusion welding of medium and high power laser. It uses robot with laser welding head or laser welding machine with CNC shaft and laser welding head to weld the welding parts. The welding parts need to be clamped with precise tool. Laser welding has the advantages of high welding efficiency and quality, and small welding heat-affected area. 3D Robotic Laser Cutting System3D robotic laser cutting system is an advanced laser cutting equipment that uses special optical fiber laser cutting head, high-precision capacitance tracking system, fiber laser and industrial robot system to flexibly cut the metal sheet into different thicknesses from multi angles and positions. Robotic Arc Welding SystemThe robotic arc welding system covers almost all areas of welding production, including automotive vehicles and spare parts, engineering machinery, ships, steel structure, high speed trains, pressure containers, etc. Welding materials include low-carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, etc. with thickness ranging from not more than one millimeter up to dozens of millimeters. Robotic Polishing SystemThe robotic polishing system is extensively used for surface treatment (grinding, polishing, deburring and mercerizing). This robotic die polishing system mainly focuses on metal polishing and deburring, as well as non-metal deburring and milling. It is primarily classified into two modes: robot with tool head and robot grasping workpiece that needs to be handled on the operation machine. Automated Conveyor LineThis automated conveyor line can carry out automatic wiring, calibration and image recognition. Automated Logistics System This automated logistics system covers automated multi-layered storehouse system, stacker, AGV, stacking/unstacking robot, RGV, conveyor system, high speed sorting system, electric control system and computer software system, etc. The robotic logistic system is extensively applied to automatic three-dimension warehouse, storage center, distribution center