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JGT1000 series V machine

This machine mainly use is the POY yarn ( polyester silk) is through stretching and false twisting deformation, processed into low elastic or high elastic deformation of the false twisting silk ( DTY stretch yarn), the equipment can be option to add the network components, so it can undertake network yarn processing.










spindles pitch


Highest mechanical speed


raw material and fibre number

 55-333dtex50- 300Denier/polyester 55-333dtex50- 300Denier

section size


false twist way

folding disc 8type false twister, friction false twisting

the highest speed of false twist device

18000 r/min

false twist direction


The first heat box (distortion)

biphenyl gas phase heating/2500mm

The second heat box ( figuration)

biphenyl gas phase heating/1460mm

figuration heat box temperature range


figuration heat box temperature range

160-250(low temperature biphenyl as 100-180)

cooling mode and length

cooling plate cooling/1100mm

friction roller diameter


roller diameter


oiling roller diameter


largest original yarn size


maximum take-up size


standard take-up capacity weight


take-up paper pipe specifications



installed power category


93.5.5 kw



up heat box

68 kw



below heat box

24 kw



assist power


total power




dimensions (with fixed original wire frame)

19000×7020×5360 mm

20440×7020×5360 mm

21880×7020×5360 mm

2、Equipment performance and characteristics of main components
The new structure design and control mode, the single roller , single motor drive directly, canceled synchronous belt, reduce the transmission chain length, improve the transmission efficiency, on both sides of the machinecan be relatively independent operation, on a left process can be adjusted respectively set, in the same equipment, processing can be two different original silk and yarn, and improve the equipment utilization, realize the multi-usage.
The machine is equipped with two ways of heat box, the first heat box (deformation heat box ) and the second hot box (figuration heat box) is using biphenyl gas phase heating, closed structure, it increase the internal heat preservation methods, use PLC control heating and temperature control, temperature control precision is ±10C, effectively ensure the yarn quality, it is more advantageous to dyeing and keeping more uniformity.
PLC control system, the machine through man and machine communication, to realizes process adjustment. The touch screen and operation made the process set simply and easily, so it is easy to understand, using the network, Interface can according to the needs of the users, people can do more machine networking management.
Use the high quality of electrical components, to ensure that equipment in use process operation more reliable, more stable.
The fold type disc VIII false twist device, import ceramic plate and blade export plate installation, configuration optional scope of the1-4-1-1-4-1.

W1/W2/W3 roller adopts the roller type structure ,aluminum alloy roller frame, uniform pressure, the W2 with yarn roller. JGT1000 series V machine

High speed winding shaping system, forming good, easy to unwinding, the biggest capacity can be processing to 6kg JGT1000 series V machine

3、DIMENSION DRAWING JGT1000 series V machine

4、INSTALL THE ANCHOR FIGURE JGT1000 series V machine

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