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  • Steel Bending Machine
  • Steel Bending Machine This bender equipment is widely used in a variety of industries, such as petroleum, chemical, hydroelectric power, shipbuilding, steel construction, and machinery manufacturing, etc.
  • Box-shaped Column Welding Line
  • Box-shaped Column Welding Line Our steel column welding machine is extensively used in large bridges and high steel structure buildings. Our box column welding machine has earned two patents of utility model, and we can design it according to customers’ specific requirements.
  • CNC Flame Cutting Machine
  • CNC Flame Cutting Machine Besides the trip cutting function, our CNC flame cutting machine add the economical and practical CNC functions, which not only can do strip cutting in batch, but also can cut different shapes.
  • Cut to length Machine
  • Cut to length Machine Our cut to length line machine is the equipment mainly used for plate uncoiling, leveling, cutting, and stacking. Except manual punching, all other processes of the production line are under PLC control, resulting in a high level of automation.
  • Digital Folding Machine
  • Digital Folding Machine Our steel sheet folding machine is under CNC control, and can automatically perform various operations such as plate locating, clamping, folding, and slitting. This folding machine is a high-tech product that integrates advanced mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic technologies.
  • CNC Drilling Machine
  • CNC Drilling Machine The CNC drilling machine has been awarded two patents of utility model, and is widely used for drilling of yoke plate and plate-like parts in steel constructions.
  • Gantry Submerged Arc Welding Machine
  • Gantry Submerged Arc Welding Machine Our welder has many advantages, such as simple structure, reliable performance, high automation, and convenient maintenance. Currently our gantry submerged arc welding machine is increasingly used in many industries, such as construction, chemical, shipbuilding and machinery manufacturing, etc.
  • H Beam Assembling Machine
  • H Beam Assembling Machine Our H-beam assembling machine can perform positioning and automatic tack-welding trough the clamping and alignment of web plate and flange plate.
  • H Beam Welding Line
  • H Beam Welding Line Jinggong H-beam welding line machine is special equipment used for automatically welding the assembled H-beam. Currently there are two models, JHT double column beam automatic welding machine and JHG gantry type automatic welding machine.
  • H Beam Welding Machine
  • H Beam Welding Machine Our H-Beam steel welding line has received two patents of utility model, and is suitable for large-scale welding jobs, with lower labor intensity and higher efficiency (8000 ton/year for each shift). Beams welded by this production line are widely used in steel constructions.
  • H-beam Flange Straightening Machine
  • H-beam Flange Straightening Machine Our flange straightening equipment is mainly used for the angle distortion straightening of heavy H-beam. As a renowned manufacturer of H-beam flange straightening machine, we can design and manufacture different specification according to different requirement of the client.
  • H-beam Shot Blasting Machine
  • H-beam Shot Blasting Machine H-beam shot blasting equipment is ideally suited for removing the rust, scale and contamination from the steel surface, which can make the surface clean, bright but with a certain coarseness. So the paint film can attach to the steel surface more firmly, thus improving surface quality and the anti-corrosion capacity.
  • Corrugated Web Automatic H-beam Welding Line
  • Corrugated Web Automatic H-beam Welding Line Our JBH corrugated web automatic H-beam welding line is constituted by the slitting and cutting to length machine, web forming machine, flange and web feeding machine, corrugated web H-beam robot automatic welding machine, cross-section cutting and stacking system and so on.
  • Shot Blasting Machine
  • Shot Blasting Machine Our shot blasting equipment is the pretreatment equipment for cleaning welded structures, H steel and shaped steel. It is mainly used for shot blasting the surface of raw steel material, it can remove rusty scale, welding slag and roll scale, thus obtaining uniform metal luster.
  • Steel Slitting Machine
  • Steel Slitting Machine Our steel slitting machine is the slitting equipment, which designed for plate uncoiling, leveling, slitting and rewinding. Except manual punching, all other processes of the production line are under PLC control, realizing a high level of automation.

Steel Structure Machine

Jinggong Science & Technology has been a steel structure machine manufacturer since 1968. Throughout the 41 years of development, the company has expanded its production to include a wide range of products such as H beam welding machine, box column welding machine, gantry submerged arc welding machine, digital folder, slitting machine, and more. Here we give you some information about several types of our products.

Our H beam welding machine requires few operators and is suitable for large-scale welding jobs, bringing maximum value to users.

Our gantry submerged arc welding machine is ideal for the box column welding line. It can perform submerged arc welding task after CO2 welding, as a good substitute for the cantilever submerged arc welding machine. Single-pole or multi-pole welding is available for you to choose.

Our drilling machine mainly consists of lathe bed, mobile gantry, drilling head, electric control system, hydraulic system, and cooling system etc. It has earned 2 patents of utility model, and is widely used for drilling of yoke plate and plate-like parts in steel constructions.

Our products have obtained the ISO9000 and CE certificates and are very popular in over 60 countries including America, Australia, Bulgaria, Argentina, Egypt, Syria, and India. Thank you for browsing our website! We are looking forward to working with you!

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